Kimberley Bennett lived in California before retiring with her husband to Eugene.  She spends her winters in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and the spring and summer here in Eugene.  Her creative impulse was expressed professionally through the renovation of commercial and residential real estate, landscape design and photography.  She did not start painting until about 8 years ago and has only taken one class from an amazing, expressive artist.  The first assignment was to “put two colors on the canvas and engage them in conversation.”  The experience was so freeing and exhilarating!  She finds watching the change in the canvas through the interplay of color, pattern and movement to be the most exciting aspect of the creative process.  
Having traveled extensively throughout Indonesia, Bhutan, Nepal and China, she finds herself drawn to ancient symbols, cultures and architecture.  She is working on a series of abstract paintings based on the iCHING, The Book of Change, an ancient book which represents the foundation of Chinese wisdom and philosophy.  This philosophy counsels us to let go of fear, anxiety, arrogance and self-indulgence.  The qualities we are counseled to embody are those of compassion, openness, acceptance, detachment and inner independence.
The iCHING is based on the belief that change is not an isolated event.  Change is the very essence of existence.  Her paintings express this ever changing process.  These paintings represent her interpretation of each of the hexagrams used in the iCHING.    Reading the interpretation of a particular hexagram then allowing her intuition to guide the visual expression of the meaning.  The paintings are meticulously built up in thin layers of acrylic to bring forth an inner luminosity. 
In addition, she has been drawn to the colors and patterns in Japanese Origami papers and has begun a new series using these in mixed media pieces reflecting the grace and elegance of the human body in motion.

What people say about Kimberley's work:

" I love your work, some remind me the precious stones in the jewelery, shine in the warmth of winter sun!"
~ Catalina Wang

"I can say without a doubt the piece with the butterfly could easily hang in ANY national or iconic museum I have ever visited personally and as of late, on line!  It's just simply phenomenal!  It has a passion, a depth, all encompassing tranquility, amazing honesty yet an even more exquisite humility with the remarkable movement of a true artistic master!"
~ Gregory Cerny